Are you scheduling an appointment?

Call us at (541) 683-4242 and we would be happy to schedule an appointment with one of our Physiatrist doctors.

Our office hours are 8am - 5pm, but patient scheduling times vary by physician, and some begin seeing patients at 7am.

Are you a new patient to RMA? • Visiting us for a consultation or independent medical evaluation?

Great! We look forward to seeing you. You will need a few things ready that will speed your visit along and make it more enjoyable:

  • Completed new patient paperwork
  • Check to be sure your medical history, if one exists, for the reason of your visit has been forwarded to our office.
  • Photo identification, such as a drivers license
  • Insurance card(s) — we'll make a copy of it

Your medical history is faxed to us by your referring provider. Our fax number is: (541) 343-5078. You can help us in getting this by informing your referring provider's staff of your appointment date and reminding them to fax us your last four office visit notes and all relevant studies, such as lab and MRI reports at least 2 days before your appointment. Patient privacy laws require that you complete the Incoming Medical Records Request form if you would like our medical records staff to request medical records from someone other than your referring provider, but this form isn't required if your doctor referred you to us.

If you are a self-referral for a treated condition, talk to our medical records staff about getting your records to us. If you are a self-referral for a new condition, not treated by another physician, ask us what, if any medical history is required.

Administrative time is required to collect basic information about you, your insurance, your past medical and social history, the reason for your visit and the history of this condition. You can significantly reduce your administrative time in our clinic by having the New Patient Paperwork completed in advance. If you complete the paperwork in advance, please inform the staff before you come in for your appointment so that they can give you an adjusted arrival time.

Do you need a medication refill?

Medication therapy is occasionally indicated for patients suffering from specific muscular and neurological problems. We seldom treat new patients with narcotic pain medication. If you feel this is indicated based on the history of your condition, please have your current prescribing physician fax us your complete medication history.

Patients receiving narcotic pain medication at any point during the course of their treatment will need to consent to reasonable measures outlined in our Pain Medication Agreement to ensure patient and public safety. These medications must be taken only as prescribed.

Notice of 48 weekday hours is required for all medication refill requests. Refill requests left at the end of the business day or after hours are regarded as received the next business day. Refill requests made on Friday or over the weekend will be refilled by Tuesday at the end of day.